Is seafood good for pregnancy?

The answer is yes, but on condition that they are of high quality, fresh and well thermally processed. It is better to choose marine rather than river fish because there can be parasites in the river that will not be neutralized even after cooking.

Raw fish is strictly forbidden. Therefore, if you are a lover of sushi, choose options with fish that succumb to heat treatment.

What about mussels, oysters, squid, shrimp? Let’s take a closer look.

seafood for pregnant woman

Seafood is possible during pregnancy

Squids during pregnancy

Pregnant can eat squid, but only the highest quality and in small quantities. They normalize the intestines, increase appetite, lower blood cholesterol. Also in squid, there are vitamins of group E, C, B1, B2, B6, which positively affect the development of the baby.

However, this seafood can cause allergic reactions, so be extremely careful when choosing.

Mussels during pregnancy

Now we will deal with another, no less tasty seafood – is it possible for pregnant mussels? Mussels – a useful product for pregnant women as well. It has very little fat, but a lot of amino acids and mineral salts. And there is even more protein than in chicken meat.

Mussels are very nutritious, so pregnant women can eat them. But there is one condition – they should not be raw. They must either be boiled, or stewed, or steamed. Moreover, the duration of the heat treatment is at least 15 minutes.

Oysters during pregnancy

Oysters are a storehouse of protein, healthy vitamins and minerals. They are low in fat, so they can even go on a diet menu. Oysters have a lot of zinc, and this product is also very good for the heart.

However, during pregnancy, they should be consumed moderately and preferably only in the second trimester. Raw oysters are strictly prohibited! They must be boiled, have a solid texture and they must be eaten on the same day – no refrigerators.

Shrimp during pregnancy

Can shrimp be pregnant? The answer is the same as for the rest of the seafood – yes! Shrimps reduce the risk of allergic reactions, as well as a lot of Omega-3 acids in them, which strengthen nails, hair, improve skin condition, and also contribute to the development of the baby.

However, they should not be many in the diet of a pregnant woman, because this can cause a glut of the body with protein and metals. As well as shrimp, they absorb radioactive substances from water, and this can badly affect the body of a woman and the fetus.

Now you know that seafood during pregnancy is very useful, but only if you relate to consumption wisely. And do not forget to consult a doctor.